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What does PigConsult do?

Due to my background as a farm manager and consultant, I’ve developed a vision. In this vision we start by going back tot basics:

  1. Personnel
  2. Water
  3. Climate
  4. Hygiene
  5. Feed

Compare it to building a house, without a good foundation you don’t need to think about nice balcony or a dormer. The same goes for pigfarming. At PigConsult the focus is on personnel and the basics needed are always in the back of our heads. The level of knowledge will increase and with it the motivation and technical and economic results.

To reach a higher level, we will need a:

  1. Farm specific plan of action
  2. Tailor made educationplan
  3. Farm specific work planning
  4. Contact

It all starts with the intake interview
Which goals are set, where are we now and how are we going to reach those goals. A roadmap is needed. The journey starts with the results of today and it won’t stop when the set goals are reached. It’s an continuous proces


Personnel is the biggest capital on the larger pig farms. Without staff nothing gets done. But personnel doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. To properly capture how to make the farm function and produce better, we need to start with staff

During a farm visit with the intention of taking stock of the current situation, I always keep in mind the following:

  • The pigs
  • The basic conditions (water, climate, hygiene and feed)
  • The employees

How do the employees see the day to day operation?

  1. Do they have the same goals and do they share they same vision when it comes to how to get there?
  2. Are they happy in the work environment?  Things like workpressure, level of knowledge and personal development oppertunities.
  3. How do we deal with that?

We aim to have the goals set by the farm owner, to be the goals of the employees. We need to hear what staff has to say, what the limiting factors are: in short picking up signals. Motivation is worth a lot, because happy employees just do better. In this thought we take it one level higher: we’re going into the optimization process. The starting point lies in having taken stock of the current situation and setting goals

PigConsult does the following in this optimization process:

  1. Bringing structure in tasks by making a clear and functional work planning.
  2. Education will be meeting demands, depending on the needs of staff und the current situation.
  3. Creating plan of action.